Monday, November 20, 2017

Sunday and Monday - Windy Days

It was rather cool and windy when we headed off to Church on Sunday morning!  It was a very good service but unfortunately none of our Life Group or our family were there today.  So, we were out of there fairly quickly following the service!

We stopped at Wal-Mart for a few groceries before going home to make breakfast.  I spent the next several hours getting set-up and prepping food our couples card club at our house.  All went well.  I even had some extra time to do some crafting.  We also got to watch some football.

The 8 of us met at Stoner's Grille for a light dinner at 4:30.  Most of us enjoyed our food but we had a good time just chatting!  We were back to our house by 6:15 and started playing cards.  We play Haus and switch partners after every four hands, allowing us to play with everyone throughout the evening!  Snacking is good too!

Everyone left by 9:15 so Ken and I watched the Eagles football game.  What a great one! It was a fun day!

Today, Monday, was another windy one but at least it was a bit warmer.  After having breakfast, Ken and I went to pick up Wilbur.  On the way there, a light game on in the CRV indicating that one of our tires had lost some air.  We have been having that trouble off and on lately so Ken knew he had to take it to the place where we had gotten the new tires not too long ago to have it checked.  We had to have that one patched at the tire place within the last year, but it was supposed to do the "trick"!  Obviously something was not quite right.  

Ken and I did our delivery in Lititz for Meals on Wheels and after we ate lunch, Ken went to have the tire checked.  They replaced the patch and said it is good to go!  Yeah!  Then he did a few more errands returning around 3.

I had a nice conversation with Diane Weaver, a friend who is also dealing with scoliosis and has the Scoliosis Activity Suit.  We like to chat occasionally to "compare notes"!  I am still having hip and leg pain and it is making my limp so exaggerated!  I sincerely hope it soon improves.  I am thinking that the warmer weather in Florida may be a help!  I guess we will have to wait and see! I also spent a lot of time getting things together that I want to take to Florida and it seems to be "way too much".  Between clothing, food and all my craft stuff it really "adds up"!  We will have to wait until the last minute to load some of the things because of the cold weather!

Ken grilled for dinner and we made salads.  After cleaning up we played a game of Hand and Foot which Ken won in the very last round!  Then he did some reading while I watched The Voice and worked on this blog.  To bed around 10!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday - A Rainy Day!

Ken and I were on the road by 7:45 to go to Central York High School to attend Bria and Cali's 3 team swim meet!  We stopped at Sheetz for coffee and a pumpkin spice latte.  We arrived at the school at 8:30 and Cali was in the 1st heat which started at 8:45.  She swam 1 lap of freestyle and took 1st place in 8 and under girls.  Bria was in the 3rd event which was 2 laps of the pool for girls 9 and 10 and she placed 4th!  There were 3 teams participating, so there was quite a bit of competition!

It started really raining around 10 and continued for most of the afternoon, so it was good to be indoors.  Each of the girls competed in 4 events and Cali won 1st in 3 of her swims and her relay team took 2nd.  She actually set a team record for girls 8 and under breast stroke.  She did an amazing job!

Bria had swam one event last evening which was 20 laps of freestyle and she is only 10!  I can't imagine.  It was the 1st time she swam that many laps in competition and she did extremely well.  Today she had some great swims also and 1 race was 4 laps, another 8 laps, and also 2 laps in a relay race.  They both work really hard and just love it!  I just can't imagine swimming that many laps at one time!

The meet ended around 1:30 and Ken and I came straight home.  It was a miserable drive with heavy rain and lousy visibility!  We had planned to stop at Costco, but it was just too "ugly"!

We ate a light lunch and then I made a few sea glass pictures while Ken read.  Today was another bad leg day for me, as I had trouble putting my weight on my leg and had a tough time straightening!  I am getting a little tired of this and hoping tomorrow will be better!

After dinner, I worked on this blog and downloaded some pictures while watching College Football.  Ken "caught up" on his e-mails and Facebook!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Thursday, Cindy's Birthday and Friday, John's!

Ken met Gary in Ephrata for breakfast and I got ready for the day's activities!  I did some clean-up and organization and then at 11 we left for a visit to Cindy and John's.  Although it is her birthday, they invited us for lunch on our way to visit Mom and Dad.  I always introduce Cindy as my older sister, but I must admit it isn't true.  She is actually 4 years younger than me!  She always says she is younger but just big for her age!!!!  We had a good time together and her chicken casserole and fresh fruit crisp were delicious!

Ken and I spent the afternoon at Masonic Homes playing 4 games of Pinochle with Mom and Dad and the men won 3 of them.  This seems to be the outcome every Thursday!  Mom and I will have to start practicing!

We were back home by 5:15 and had a light supper (still stuffed from Cindy's great lunch) and then I worked on our blog while watching Grey's Anatomy and then the Steeler's game!  I stayed up way too long, only going to bed at 11:15.  Ken was smart and retired at 10.

We were both up at 5:30 on Friday morning, Ken to read and I got ready to meet my Curvette ladies at 6:30 for breakfast in Ephrata.  Only 5 of us were there, but we had a fun time.  I was back home by 8:20 and Ken left to spend the morning volunteering at the Mennonite Resource Center.  He normally works only on Wednesdays, but they were short of help for today and asked if he would be willing to work.  He really enjoys his work there and was very happy to go.

I spent the morning cleaning and scouring the apartment.  Ken and I had lunch together when he got back home and then I did some wash and crafting.  It was a very cold, windy day, so we decided it was not a good day for walking.  Also, for some reason, my leg was a "problem" today and I had trouble walking, so I don't think I could have gone for a walk even if the weather was favorable!  Not sure what is going on, but it certainly causes me pain, but fortunately only when I walk.  Hopefully it will get better quickly!

Ken grilled burgers for dinner and I made us salads.  We left at 6:00 to go to 10,000 Villages in Ephrata to hear a 3 piece musical group with 2 of the musicians being guys that graduated in our high school class and played football with Ken.  They had played at Ken's retirement party 3 1/2 years ago, so we really enjoy hearing them sing and play.  We had planned to meet Fred and Doloris there and were pleasantly surprised when Sam and Kathy were there too.    The 6 of us always have a good time together!

The 6 of us (Ken is taking the picture) had such a good time
together and The Chestnuts are very entertaining!

The music ended at 8:30 and Ken and I went to Fred and Doloris' house and played 2 games of Haus.  The women won both of them by a large margin!  There were a lot of good laughs during the evening!

We only got home at 11:15 and we went right to bed.  I had only slept about 5 1/2 hours last night, so I was extremely tired and ready for a good night's sleep!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Great Tuesday and Wednesday!

Ken left at 7:45 on Tuesday morning to go to the storage place where we have Wilbur to talk to them about keeping his space over the winter.  It is hard to find a good, safe place to store Wilbur when we are around and we are thrilled with the location we currently have.  We decided to pay for the months we are gone and the owner said if anyone wanted to use the space during that time she would credit our account - how nice!

Then Ken went to Evergreen Diner to enjoy a wonderful breakfast with his siblings.  They spent about 2 hours together just catching up on what is happening with everyone's families.  They do not get together very often, so it is always a special time when they have the opportunity!

As soon as Ken got back home, I left for the Hempfield Rec Center to play pickleball from 11 to 1:45.  I met Cindy and John there and it was so much fun.  There were about 16 players and 2 courts, so we took turns playing, switching partners after every game.  I hadn't played for close to 2 months, so it took a little time to get back into the "swing"!

On the way home I stopped at Root's Country Market (only open on Tuesdays) for some fruit and veggies, getting back around 3.  Ken had worked at his desk and took a very long walk.  It wasn't a great day with cooler temperatures and very no sunshine!

We played a whole game of Hand and Foot (Ken won again!) and after dinner, Ken left for Celebrate Recovery.  I planned to work on some sea glass pictures, but I was rather lazy and sat on the sofa watching The Voice and playing Pop Words.  Just didn't feel like being creative!

Today, Wednesday, was another cool, damp day with very little sunshine.  I took Ken to MCC for his volunteer job did a "bunch" of errands ending up at Jamie's at 11 for a haircut!  Wow, she did a great job and I had such a good time chatting with her!  I picked up Ken at noon and then back to Jamie's for Ken's haircut!

We left there and did a few more errands before arriving back home at 3:30.  We dressed warmly and off we went for a walk around town.  Then Ken did some reading while I recorded our expenses, worked on this blog, and watched The Voice.  So many talented singers!  How can you pick a winner?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday - A Low Key Day!

After watching the World News, making a cooked breakfast, and reading the paper, Ken decided to spend time in the kitchen making us salads for tonight and tomorrow.  I did some organizing in my craft space.

At 10, I left to go shopping in Lancaster after 1st stopping to visit with Ginny, one of the lady's in our apartment building.  I spent time at Michael's and AC Moore purchasing frames for my sea glass pictures and enjoyed looking around Burlington, Home Goods, and Old Navy.  I had a nice chat with my sister while traveling!

Ken spent the morning working at his desk and then took a 10,000 step walk around town.  It was a damp, cloudy day with temperatures in the 40's.  We spent time going over our schedules for the next week and a half before we leave for Florida.  We both answered e-mails and text messages and then I made a couple sea glass pictures.

After dinner, we played 3 rounds of Hand and Foot and Ken was so far ahead that I declared him the winner!  Then it was time to watch The Voice while working on the blog and downloading photos.

It was a relaxing day!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Great Family Weekend!

Saturday morning was a relaxing one around the apartment.  We wanted to take a walk, but it was 17 degrees and didn't warm up very quickly.  So, we stayed inside!

After lunch, we left to go to a Memorial Service for Ken's Uncle Wilbur who had died about 2 weeks ago.  We went early to visit with his children before the service because we were going to pick-up up Bria and Cali around 3 and have them overnight so staying for the service was not an option!

What a fun time with Bria and Cali.  After visiting just a short time with Jamie and Dane (they were going to the Hospital Gala for dinner and the evening) and waiting to see Jamie in her beautiful, fancy dress (she looked amazing!), Bria, Cali, Ken and I went bowling.  Ken and I hadn't bowled for years and I wasn't sure how my back would handle it, but it went well and we had a blast.  The girls thought they might want "bumpers" in the gutters, but decided against it.  We were so proud of how they handled the whole experience because they could have gotten a bit frustrated.  Instead, they just laughed a lot and kept trying to do their best!

Bria stayed focused and did well!

Cali had a great time and has such a
wild curve ball just when it gets to the
end of the lane!

What form!!!!!

After bowling, we went to our favorite pizza shop in Lititz, Roma, for dinner and then to Wendy's for dessert - a Frosty!  Back to the apartment to play 2 games of Skip-Bo with Bria and I winning the 1st one and Ken and Cali and 2nd.  They do so well at that game.  

We were all in bed by 9:30 after a wonderful evening with 2 special ladies!

Sunday morning I got up before the rest of the "crew" and got ready for Church.  The girls only made an appearance at 7:30.  I made them pancakes for breakfast and we got everything cleaned up before leaving for church at 8:30.  We met Jamie and Dane there and told them what a delightful time we had with their girls!

After church, Ken and I went back home to cook breakfast and left by 11:45 to drive to Bob and Lanie's for Samantha's soccer game.  It was cool, but not windy and the sun was shining!  Jamie's family joined in the fun too!  Sam's team didn't win, but they played well together!

Samantha stayed focused on the game!

We all went back to Lanie and Bob's for the afternoon and the 4 gals had a great time being together.  The adults watched some of the Steelers game and visited.  Jamie's family left a little before dinner, but Ken and I stayed to enjoy Lanie's homemade chili that was delicious.  Samantha entertained us with a short dance "recital" before leaving at 5:45.  Ken and I stopped at Polly's for a short time and then we went to a Christmas Program at a church here in Lititz by Servant Stage.  We had been to 2 of their shows this summer and found them extremely entertaining and the shows so well done.  They are free to the "underresourced" and held in places where disabled folks can easily attend.  It is a group of Christian singers where the audience only pays by donation.  What a mission!  We really enjoyed the "Old Time Radio Christmas Show"!

It certainly was a fun weekend and so special when you can spend so much time with family!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Thursday and Friday - Cold Days in Lancaster County!

Thursday morning, Ken left by 7:30 to have breakfast with his friend Gary.  I decided it was a good morning to bake some of those delicious oat bran muffins with the recipe my good friend Noela had given me.  Ken and I both enjoy them and now even my mother is hooked on them!  By the time I had eaten breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, Ken was back home after running some addition errands!

Ken did some reading and I worked at my desk on some craft projects.  After lunch, we drove to Masonic Village to play Pinochle with mom and dad.  It was a fun afternoon, but the men won 3 of the 5 games.  Not sure what is going on!!!!!

We left there at 4:30 and came back home for a quick dinner and then at 6:00 we were on our way to the Quentin area to visit with Alton and Jane Good, members of our Life Group.  Alton had a stroke about 2 months ago and both he and Jane have been on a bit of a "roller coaster ride"!  He is home and goes to 3 hours of therapy 3 times per week.  He has made lots of headway and they are both optimistic about his outcome.  He is a fighter and working very hard to keep improving.  It was so good to see them and we had a very nice time chatting.  It is only recently that he was ready to have visitors, so we were so happy to spend time with them.

We were back home around 8 (we didn't want to overstay our time with Alton) and I watched the 300th episode of Grey's Anatomy.  Then we watched some of the football game before heading to bed around 10:15.

Today, Friday, Ken was up very early and did a lot of reading.  I had a rather restless night and was out of bed in time to watch the world news!  I had to be at the surgical center at 12:30 for my procedure at 1:30, and since I couldn't eat of drink I did some craft projects to occupy my time.  It is so hard to keep my anxieties under control even though I know the procedure is painless and the outcome should be just fine according to Dr. Del Terzo!  But somehow, it is hard to just relax!

Ken worked at his desk and then checked out a storage area in Manheim for possible storage of Wilbur for next year.  He found out they are no longer storing motorhomes!

We left at 12:00 for the Physicians Surgical Center for my 1:30 procedure.  My nurse for pre-op was a daughter of the dentist I used to work for BK (before kids) and Ken and I had stayed at their house to baby-sit while their parents went on a 10 day vacation.  It was nice to reminisce while waiting.  Unfortunately Dr. Del Terzo was behind schedule and I didn't "walk" into the OR until 2:45 - waiting is the hard part!  All went extremely well and by 3:45 I left the recovery room.  Ken had fasted with me today (what a guy!), so they gave him some cookies and ginger ale too!  We were out of there by 4:15 and on our way to the Knight and Day Diner for a meal and home by 5:45.  I talked to my friend, Polly, and she was going to e-mail a message to the Curvettes with an update from today's procedure.  Thanks, Polly!

My report was excellent.  Dr. Del Terzo talked to me and he is not sending the tiny spot to cytology.  He said there is absolutely no need for a biopsy - all is well.  He also suggested that if I have any more little spots he suggests that we remove them while he does the cystoscopy.  Having the surgery is so involved for the tiny spots he is removing.  I had planned to ask him if that was a possibility, so I am thrilled with his suggestion!  I will see him for a cysto next November.  We watched the news and I talked with Noela (they are doing well in the southwest), sent some e-mails and messages on my phone, and  played some games on the I-Pad.  Then Ken beat me at another game of Hand and Foot. By 8:45 we were in bed to read.  Anesthesia does make me tired and last night was a bit of a restless night, so I was ready to call it a day!

Just an FYI - it is WINTER here in Lanc. County today.  It was in the 30's with 25 mph winds, making it feel like it was in the teens!  What is that about?  Supposed to get to 17 degrees overnight.  No wonder we got to Florida.  This gal is not a fan (to put it mildly) of this weather!  I need warm and plenty of sunshine!

I am Celebrating Life and feeling so Blessed!