Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday - Craft Show in CG!

We were both up right after 6 to get ready and then head outdoors to set-up my crafts in front of Wilbur for the CG Craft/Garage Sale!  All went well and we were ready for business by 8:15.  It started out slowly as well as the winds being calm, but as the morning progressed the winds got stronger and stronger making it extremely hard to keep my jewelry on the table.

Around 11 we had enough, so we started to clean-up.  Ken had sold some RV items that we have been wanting to get rid of and I did fine with my Inventory Reduction Sale on Jewelry.  All in all, it was a successful day!  I do have to get busy making sea glass pictures for my final craft show here in Florida on March 15th.  I was disappointed that I didn't sell any of my coconut fish - lots of favorable comments, but no sales!

After putting everything in its proper place, it was noon and Ken and I were hungry.  Following  lunch clean-up, I starting working on this blog, downloading pictures, and playing Pop Words on Ken's I-Pad.  We changed and decided to go to the pool, the 1st time since we got here.  It was in the upper 80's and very sunny and warm.  The water was very warm in their large salt water pool.  Ernie and Noela joined us about an hour after we arrived.  We all enjoyed some time in the pool and then dried off and played a game of shuffleboard with the women finally winning!  It was great!

Back to Wilbur to make dinner - grilled steak and salmon, sauteed veggies, and salad.  After doing the dishes I did more work on this blog while Ken did some reading.  We left at 7:30 to go over to Ernie and Noela in their screen room.  The women were victorious in Racko.  It was a great evening to be outdoors with temperatures still around 73 when we returned to Wilbur at 9:30.  Another day to Celebrate Life!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday - Busy, Blessed Day!

After our normal morning routine and a light breakfast, Ken and I headed outside to spray varnish my coconut fish.  These things are a lot of work, but oh so cute!!!  There was very little breeze this morning, so a good time to spray paint outside!

The fish are ready for a new home!!!

We were at Edgewater Church to help with the Food Bank at 9:15 and we had lots of fruits, veggies, desserts and bread to offer the folks who came today.  They are only allowed to come 2x per month and with this being the last Friday of February, we only had about 80 people.  We did a great job of getting rid of most of the perishable items.  

Lots and lots of fruit this week!

Plenty of veggies too!

Some amazing desserts that looked delicious!

They could have as many bread items as they wanted, because
this is only about 2/3 of what we had!

The doors close at 12:30 and after cleaning up and getting the chairs and tables in their proper place, about 25 of us who manned the Food Bank stayed for a pot luck luncheon.  We had so much delicious food and it was great to get to know a lot of the folks on a more personal level.  This has become a very special group for Ken and I.  At least half of us our snowbirds, so it is hard to imagine the "skeleton" crew that is here during the summer months to serve the same amount of "clients".

A fun loving and hard working crew that work at the Food Bank!

Ken and I were back to Wilbur by 1:45 and we did another coat on the fish.  Ken rested while I did some reading and visiting with Noela and Joyce, and then with Neil and Nancy. 

This is at Ernie and Noela's sits.  She enjoyed stringing shells
and painting fish!

Jamie called and we talked with her and Bria and Cali for about 45 minutes - what a nice chat!  They are doing well, but Jamie said she is ready for us to come home.  So nice to know we are missed!  Bria and Cali were supposed to have a swim meet in York this weekend, but the location was changed because of threats of shootings at the school.  The students there were sent home early on Tuesday and had no school the rest of the week.  What is this world coming to????   There swim meet was able to be relocated and will still go on this weekend!

We played a game of shuffleboard with Ernie and Noela (men won again!) and then Ken and I played and it was 71 to 71 on the last rotation and he won by 7 points - so sad!!!!

Back to Wilbur for a very light dinner, clean-up and then Ernie and Noela came over to play a game of Hand and Foot.  The men lead through the 1st 3 rounds, but Noela and I "whipped" them in the 4 round to win the game!  Yes!!!

By 10 we were in bed because we have to get up early for the Garage Sale/Craft Show here in the CG.  Hopefully it won't be too windy because we will set up in front of our RV.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thursday - A Catch-Up Day at the Campground!

Ken was up early to do his "morning routine"!  I had a rather restless night, so I only appeared at 7:45.  Ken did not have his Men's Bible Study this morning, so he was making breakfast for us when I got up - what a guy!!

After a delicious breakfast, Ken left around 8:45 to go to Edgewater Church to help unload the truck and set-up for tomorrow's Food Bank.  I only left our campsite 1 time today to go over to Noela to borrow some purple paint!  Other than that, I was inside Wilbur almost all day.  We have a craft/garage sale at the CG this Saturday and you can set-up right in front of your RV.  So I had a lot I wanted to do today to get ready for that sale.  

Today I also wanted to call numerous folks I hadn't talked to for quite awhile including Mom, Doloris, Deb Eberly, and Jane Good.  Doloris and Fred left PA this morning (3 AM) to head to Florida for about 2 weeks.  We are looking forward to seeing them. I wanted to get an update from Deb and Jane because both of their husbands are in recovery from some health issues.  I am happy to report that everyone is improving and that Mom and Dad are very healthy this winter!

After getting ready and doing my morning stretches, I made a dessert for a pot luck luncheon we are having at the church tomorrow for all of us who work at the Food Bank.  We are looking forward to getting to know all those folks even better.  I spent the rest of the morning painting my coconut fish.  I can't believe how much time I have spent on each one, but I really do enjoy it and find it rather relaxing!

Ken was back at 12:45 after stopping for a few items at Wal-Mart.  After eating lunch, he took a short nap while I put the tails on my fish and did any touch-up that was necessary!  I now have 9 fish ready to be sold except for about 2 coats of spray varnish, which we will do tomorrow.  It was too windy to do it today!

My next project was a big one - go through all my beads and bag the ones I want to sell.  I plan to have a big sale on my jewelry and to be done making pendants and earrings for craft shows.  I have enjoyed making the jewelry, but it has "run its course" and I am ready to be done with that particular craft!  It took me hours to go through all of the beads, but it is done - hallelujah!  Now let's hope I can sell them and move on!

Ken did a lot of reading while I was sorting beads and we both watched some of the Olympics.  By 10 we were in bed and both of us were tired.  It was a busy day and I could tell I sat too much - I was rather stiff and ached!

Ernie and Noela had gone to Fort DeSota today with Jim and Joyce and were gone all day.  

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wednesday - What a Phenomenal Day!

Ken left at 7:15 to meet Ernie for their walk.  I did my usual morning routine.  After a light breakfast that we ate outside, we worked together putting hooks in my coconut fish and drilling holes for their tails.  Now the 8 I have finished need to be sprayed with varnish before they are ready to be sold.  I hope to possibly complete 1 more for the sale here in the CG on Saturday.  We shall see what happens!

Ken saw this blue heron nesting in the tree!

John and Cindy arrived at 10:15 and we loaded their "stuff" for the beach in our car, visited a little, and then left around 10:30 for Farlow's on the Water where we met our cousin, Mary, and her husband Paul for a delicious lunch on the restaurant's outside patio.  Everyone was very pleased with their food and really enjoyed the setting!

By 1:00 the 6 of us were on Manasota Beach to enjoy the gorgeous sunny, hot day and just having fun spending time together.  Cindy and I rarely see our cousin and although we all live fairly close together in PA we usual only see each other when we are all in Florida - crazy!  The men went for a long walk while the ladies mainly sat and chatted.  Cindy and I did go in the Gulf to cool off and do a little shark's tooth hunting.

The men took a long walk up the beach to an area where
no one was there!

So nice to spend time on the beach with "family"!

Cindy trying to look at pictures on Ken's phone!

We stayed on the beach all afternoon, only leaving around 5.  Barry, our friend from Canada, had e-mailed Ken that McDonald's was serving their Shamrock Shakes starting today and he knows they are one of my favorites.  So, on the way back to the CG, we stopped and Cindy and I each got to enjoy our 1st one
of the season.  Just a note - if you get one ask them to put just a little of the chocolate milkshake on the bottom and it really tastes like mint chocolate chip!

Please hurry with our order!  We have been waiting a whole year!

Cindy, do you really want one of these?????   Note the
chocolate on the bottom!  So good!!!!

When the 4 of us got back to Harbor Lakes, we decided to head to the pickleball courts and we had so much fun playing 4 games (close ones) before about 8 more pickleball players from the CG came to play.  So we played about 3 more games changing partners each game.  We had so much fun and the folks were so welcoming to the 4 of us!

On the way back to Wilbur, we stopped to visit Ernie and Noela for a short time before John and Cindy left to go back to their CG around 8:15.

After much needed showers, I worked on this blog, downloaded photos and watched the Olympics.  Boy, we certainly got to celebrate life today!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesday - What a Great Day!

I only went to bed at 11:30 last night after watching the Ice Dancing at the Olympics.  What great skating!  Ken was up early and loaded our bikes on the back of Ernie's truck for a bike ride on the Venetian Waterway Trail.  He left at 7:30 to meet Ernie while he was on his walk but unfortunately, Ernie had left earlier than usual and they never "crossed paths"!

I did my stretches, devotions, and then we ate breakfast when Ken returned.  Ernie, Noela, Ken and I left the CG at 9:15 and drove to downtown Venice where we would start our bike ride.  1st though we walked to the Upper Crust where we met Rick and Joyce to have one of the bakery's delicious scones - raspberry today!  What a nice time the 6 of us had sitting inside the bakery and having the opportunity to visit.  Thanks to Rick and Joyce for getting their earlier and getting a table for the 6 of us!

Lots of smiles when eating those delicious scones!

Ken and I are so blessed to have such great friends!

Spending time with Rick and Joyce during
out stay here in Florida has been fantastic!

Rick and Joyce are leaving very early tomorrow morning for a trip to Las Vegas, so they had plenty to do today and decided a bike ride could not be part of their agenda.  We said our good-byes and they headed home while we walked back to the truck and got on our bikes for our 11 mile ride right along the Intracoastal Waterway.  It was an extremely hot day (near 90) but there was a strong breeze.  We rode to Caspersen Beach, stopping along the way to do one of our favorite things while on that trail - feeding the Florida scrub jays!  We no sooner stopped at the area where we usually see them till they appeared.

What a scenic ride!

The 1st scrub jay showed up within 5 seconds of holding up
a peanut!

They are so beautiful!

Off he goes with his breakfast!

They are so calm!

He likes seeing himself in the mirror.  The peanut can wait!

This is one of my favorite trails for bike riding!

Some big boats go by!

On to the beach where we walked a short time along the beach and then stopped at a picnic table (the one that Ken and I have eaten lunch at many times with several of our friends) for some snacks!  Back on the bikes, returning to the truck around 2:30.  It was a great ride!

Caspersen Beach!

Lots of shells along the water, but not many shark's teeth!

Numerous turtle nesting areas!

Heading back to Venice.....

....but a needed snack first!

We made numerous stops on the way back to the CG including Detweiler's Market, Wal-Mart, Ace, and a bike shop for a spare inner tube for Ken's bike (he seems to get an abundance of flat tires!)

We were back to the CG around 4:45 after a rather long, but good day!  Showers felt great!  I worked on this blog and we prepped for dinner.

There was a knock on our door and surprise, it was Neil and Nancy Savage.  They had just arrived at Harbor Lakes this afternoon.  They were PA residents until they started full-timing about 5 years ago.  They spend a lot of the summer in PA so we get to see them during that time!

After they left, Ken grilled chicken and salmon and we ate outside.  After doing dishes, I downloaded photos and did more work on this blog.  The 4 of us decided not to get together tonight after such a busy day.  So, we spent the evening in Wilbur watching the Olympics and painting my fish!  It was another day to celebrate!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday - What Can I Say? Another Gorgeous, Sunny, Warm Day!

Ken was up at 6:30 and left at 7:15 to walk with Ernie.  I had a very restless night and only fell asleep after 1 AM, so I only made an appearance at 8.  I did some clean-up, got ready, and by then Ken had returned.  We cut-up fruit for breakfast and it was so beautiful and warm already that we ate outside!

Ken did some work outside including washing all of his "treasures" from yesterday and I did my stretches and vacuumed.  Also returned bakeware to Noela and talked about our schedules for the next several days.  At 10 I went to Stephanie, a gal in our CG, that is a licensed beautician to get a much needed haircut.  Back to Wilbur to style my hair and Ken left for his haircut - much needed also!!!  

I worked on this blog and then spent some time painting fish!  We changed and left the CG at 1:00 to meet Donna, who lives below us at home, and her friend Brian, who leaves in Venice, for lunch at Farlows on the Water.  She is visiting for 10 days and we were happy she called to see if we could get together while she was here.  It was a gorgeous day to eat outside and as per usual, the food was delicious.

They asked if they could stop by the CG to see Wilbur because Brian is seriously considering buying a motorhome.  They took the short tour through Wilbur and decided it was a floor plan that they really liked.  They left after about 15 minutes and I went back to painting fish while Ken made salads.  He did some reading outside and we ate a light dinner. 

Ken left at 6:45 for Celebrate Recovery and I did my devotions.  I went over to visit Ernie and Noela for a short time and enjoyed a cup of hot tea while there.  Back to Wilbur to continue painting and watching the Olympics.  Ken was back around 8:45 and headed to bed around 9:45.  I worked on this blog and enjoyed watching the Couples Free Dance skating.

It was a fairly relaxing day!  Looking forward to a bike ride starting in Venice tomorrow and we will be joined by Ernie and Noela and Rick and Joyce.  Of course, 1st things 1st and we will have to go to the Upper Crust for a scone! 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday - Hot, Sunny, Warm Day!

Ken had a rather restless night and was up very early to read and study.  We got ready for Edgewater Church and arrived there around 9.  What a great service and new sermon series called "Hash Tag: Struggles"!  This week's sermon was on Contentment which is a hard concept to achieve for so many people.  We found it extremely enlightening!

We sat with our friends, Eddie and Lori Paparo, at Church and then said our good-byes to Lori who was flying home this morning to spend 10 days with her new granddaughter who was born on Valentine's Day!  Eddie will stay here until Lori's return and then they will head back to PA the end of March.

Ken and I came right back to Wilbur, finished packing our lunches, and left for Manasota Beach by 11:30.  It was a positively gorgeous day on the beach.  Ken and I both decided to go for a walk around 12:30 on the beach to search for shark's teeth.  (It is so addictive!).  I was back to my chair by 2:30 but at 3:30 Ken had still not returned.  I called him and he was about 2 1/2 miles down the beach but having such a fantastic time finding amazing shark's teeth and lots of them.  Ernie and Noela came from 3:30 to 5 to take a swim in the Gulf.  The temperature was in the mid 80's and the water 73 degrees.  Ken joined us at 4 after getting 14,000 steps, but he certainly had some unbelievable teeth!  He was so excited.  

Fairly busy beach day!

Ken walked to a secluded area and went through these piles
of shells finding amazing shark's teeth!

The 4 of us left the beach at 5.  I worked on this blog, cleaned up, and made salads for dinner.  Ken and I decided to work together and made a double batch of oat bran muffins, but we only started the process around 8.  While we mixed and they baked, we watched the Olympics.  We only went to bed around 11, way too late for these "old" folks!