Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Fun Weekend!

I had paid to do a Craft Show on Saturday, but after much internal struggle, I decided it just wasn't a wise thing to do.  As the day progressed I can't imagine how we would have done it.  We were busy all day!

Ken was up 1st and wanted to surprise me with breakfast in bed - what a guy!  I spoiled his surprise by getting up before it was ready!  He did make a delicious breakfast for us!

He took a walk (boy we mind the cold weather!) and I did some work to get ready for Ladies Card Club that will be here on Monday from 11:30 to 3.  We used to play at night but now that we are older and retired, daytime is much better for us!  Also, we don't like driving at night - we must be getting old!!!!

Ken and I headed to Agway at Ephrata to buy a small (that is the key word) live Christmas tree and a poinsettia before dropping off some unwanted clothing at Goodwill.  Then on to our favorite store, Costco, for a few needed items, including a pumpkin pie for dessert for card club.  I love their pie, but it is too large to buy for just the 2 of us.  Card club gives me a great excuse to indulge!!

We were back home around 2:30 and continued doing some cleaning and some food prep for Monday.  Then we made dinner and finished in time to watch the amazing Penn State Game.  What a terrific, fun game to watch.  It helped that the Nittany Lions were victorious!  It was a late night!

Today, Sunday, we stopped at Jamie's on the way to church because she offered to store our empty Christmas boxes until after the holiday - we just don't have any place to put them during the season.  Then on to church to hear an inspiring sermon.

We planned to go out to breakfast, but decided to go home and make omelettes.  By noon we were on our way to watch Bria and Cali's swimmeet which was about an hour away.  What a fun time!  We had not seen them swim since the summer and they have improved even more!   Cali swam 6 events for a total of 9 lengths of the pool and in most of them she had a new personal best time!  Bria swam in 5 events and she had her best times in almost all of them too!  They work really hard and enjoy it so much!  It is so good for them in so many ways!!!

We were home by 4:45 and had an early dinner while watching the Steelers football game.  I was so happy to see them win and play such a good game!

Now it is time to watch some of the next game, but we will probably go to bed before it ends.  Last night was a late one and it took its toll on these older folks!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

1st Two Days at Home Have Been Rather Busy, but Good!

Yesterday, Thursday, was a busy one!  We were up early and I went for a lab test that was needed before my cystoscopy the middle of this month.  Picked up Ken and drove him to Ephrata to have breakfast with his friend, Gary.  I did some errands and then stopped at Jackie's to visit and pick up my Christmas decorations which she graciously stores for us.  I only have about 4 tubs of decorations, a small amount considering how many I had before we moved to this apartment!

I picked up Ken around 10:30 and we drove back home.  Ken went for some groceries, flowers for my mother, and Wilbur chocolates for my dad.  I got my jewelry "stuff" together for a craft show that we have on Saturday and realized that I didn't have as much inventory as I usually take when doing a show.   I also knew that I wouldn't have much time to make more earrings and pendants before Saturday.

After lunch, we left to spend the afternoon visiting and playing cards with my parents.  We stopped to get drinks for all of us.  We were so happy to see each other and had a fun afternoon playing Pinochle, except the men won both very close games!

We left there around 4:30 and on the way home stopped at a local restaurant for dinner.  We discussed Saturday's craft show and decided life would be a lot less complicated if we wouldn't do it!  Not an easy decision to make, because I always like to fulfill my commitments, but in this case both of us knew it was the right thing to do.  We will just have to do some extra ones in Florida!

I did a lot of my Christmas decorating while watching some TV.  Did talk to Lanie and she had a bad headache again today.  She realizes she is going to have to take it easy longer than she thought.

Today, Friday, I left at 6:30 to meet my Curvette ladies for breakfast.  It was so good to see them again.  After a fun breakfast, I did a few errands, getting home around 9:45. Ken had spent the morning at his desk going through our mail, paying bills, and checking accounts.   I spent time working on jewelry today even though we aren't doing the show because I need to increase my inventory for Florida.  Ken and I also worked together to set up the display of my handpainted Christmas Village.

Ken took a much needed nap this afternoon while I did more jewelry.  Had a nice long chat with Jamie and she invited us for dinner.   Ken and I visited with Bob and Ginny who live in our apartment building thanked her for bringing in the local newspaper that is delivered to our apartment every week while we are traveling.

We got to Jamie's house at 5 and had a delightful time visiting with her family. So good to see all of them again.  We had a delicious dinner and a great time of fellowship.  We so appreciate their hospitality.

We were home by 9, watched some football, recorded our expenses, and worked on this blog.

Did talk to Noela today and they are spending the night in PA near Harrisburg. They plan to be back home in Canada tomorrow.

I am so thankful that we are not getting up at the "crack of dawn" tomorrow morning to go to a craft show. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Back Home in Lititz!

Can't believe our 86 day adventure is over!  What an amazing time with so many unbelievable sights and special times with special friends!

Ken had gotten awake at 4:30, did some reading in bed, and then we were both up by 5:15.  We left the Comfort Suites at 6:30 after a nice breakfast in their lobby area. It was dark, a bit foggy, and cloudy.

The drive today on I-95 went extremely well with only a few slow downs in the DC area.  We made some quick stops at several rest areas and had lunch at a Subway near York.  We did get into some heavier rain when we got on I-83, but by the time we stopped at Subway, it was only "misting"!

I did talk to Lanie while we were driving and she is feeling fine today - we are thankful.  Also chatted with Doloris and both she and Fred are doing well too! Jamie called and she stopped by our apartment yesterday and turned on the heat and started our refrigerator - how nice!  Today Jamie and Dane are celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary.  They are a great example of a good marriage and how to work together to be special parents!  Noela called to see how our drive was going and they were eating their lunch on the beach at Jekyll Island after a long bike ride!  They will be heading home to Canada tomorrow morning.

We decided to stop at Costco on the way home to stock up on some groceries - Mother Hubbard's cupboard is bare!  We arrived at our apartment at 2:30 and the unloading and unpacking began.  We also had to do some rearranging of our "storage" places to get everything to "fit"!

I talked to my friends, Jackie and Polly, and it was so nice to chat with them.  I am looking forward to seeing both of them tomorrow or Friday.

We made salads for dinner and then watched the news, while Ken went through our mail that was delivered to Jamie's house while we were gone and I worked on this blog.

I really appreciate everyone who reads my blog and sends me feedback.  It makes it worth all the effort that I put into it.  Right now I am a little "blogged out".  I have done so many posts in the last 86 days that I think I need a rest. I will post during the month of December, but probably not everyday.  Not quite as much happens daily while we are at home versus being on the road!  Of course, maybe that isn't exactly true!  It seems like our calendars are getting very busy for the month of December!  

I think we will be in bed rather early tonight!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another Long Driving Day!

No pictures today!  We were too busy driving!

Ken and I were up at 5:30 and by 6:45 we had Waldo parked at the service area at Lazydays and were on our way back to Lititz.  It was a mild morning (64 degrees) and sunny.  It felt great!  In the afternoon it did get cloudy and we had a few light showers!

We headed up 75 and then onto 301 where we stopped at a Circle K for gas and a breakfast sandwich from Burger King.  Traffic kept moving and the drive went well.

I talked to Noela and they were driving to Brunswick, GA and will camp there until Thursday when they will start the journey back to Canada.  They will be storing their 5th wheel in Brunswick till they return to Florida the beginning of January.  Tomorrow they are planning to do some bike riding on Jekyll Island!

I had a nice conversation with my mother and she and dad are doing well.  They are anxious for us to return home and play some Pinochle!  I also had a long chat with Nancy Savage.  They are on their way to Huntington Beach State Park near Myrtle Beach for the month of December, but they will leave their 5th wheel there and drive back to PA for about 6 days in December before heading on to Florida!  Hopefully we can meet for breakfast or lunch when they are home in December!

I also got a text message from Lanie that she was on the way to the hospital - What????  Turns out she had fallen on Thanksgiving Day when at Bob's sister house in Michigan and bruised her hip and hit her head on the hardwood floor. She appeared to be fine, but when she exercised this morning she got a pounding headache and went to Urgent Care.  They sent her to the hospital for a cat scan and she notified us around 2:45 that everything was fine and they sent her back home.  She is not supposed to exercise for a week!  So glad she is okay!

Rick and Joyce, friends who are in our small group at church, left PA this morning at 4 AM to go to their new home they bought in Venice, FL in October. They are planning to be there until April.  We knew we would pass each other somewhere on I-95, so we kept in touch and at about 1:30 we met at a Wendy's at Exit 119 in South Carolina!  So great to see them.  We gave Joyce the Chai we had bought for her at Costco in Arizona and we just had a great time chatting!  They were driving straight through, hoping to arrive in Venice around 11.  

Ken and I continued on and stopped at a Comfort Suites at Exit 121 at Wilson, NC after driving 675 miles.  The last hour on I-95 was rather slow due to an accident but we arrived at 6 - hallelujah the drive for today was over!

They had a manager's reception with soup, sandwiches, cake and sodas, so that was our dinner.  We watched The Voice and I worked on this blog while Ken did some things on his I-Pad.  Today was Giving Day, so he made some contributions to some organizations that we love to support!

We are looking to get a good night's sleep, eat breakfast here at the hotel, and be on our way around 7.  We have about 380 miles to home and hope to be in Lititz by mid afternoon.  We shall see.

Just a little summary - We drove 6,550 miles in Waldo on this trip and will have about 4,850 miles in the CRV when we get home.  While we were with Ernie and Noela, he drove every other day, so I really don't know how many total miles we drove, but it was a lot.  It was an amazing adventure!

Monday, November 28, 2016

A Work Day! What is that About!!!!

We spent the early part of this morning packing up a few items before heading to the Cafe here at Lazydays for our "free" breakfast.  When you stay at their CG, you get a complimentary breakfast and lunch each day you are camping. You have choices and usually they are very good!  We enjoy it. 

On the way back to Waldo, we took a few minutes to tour a few new motorhomes to see what changes have been made for 2017.  It was fun, but we like what we have.  Ken thought he would like to have an RV with no slides, since no matter what we buy it is always the slides that give us a problem!  I told him I hope he has fun camping because this gal isn't living in something that small!!!

I did another load of laundry while Ken started defrosting the refrigerator.  By the end of today, Waldo was house cleaned inside and out and the CRV was loaded with all the things we need to take home.  We also put food items that could remain in Waldo into a plastic tub so it would all be sealed against any possible bug issues.  It amazed us how long it took to get all of this accomplished with both of us working together.

We did go back to the cafe for our free lunch and you always have the choice of soup and a salad.  So, you can have a healthy lunch if that is your choice!  We also were able to meet with our service tech, Samantha, after lunch and she did a great job going over our current issues with Waldo and making sure they were aware of what needed to be done till we return sometime near Jan. 1.  She and a serviceman actually came over to Waldo to check out some of the issues.  We feel confident that the needed repairs will be taken care of!  

We ate salads and finished last minute clean-up so we could relax a bit this evening.  It has been a really busy day.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Yes, We Have Arrived At Lazydays in Tampa!

Ken and I decided to get an early start again today and after a rather restless night, we were on our way by 6:40.  It was very dark when we left, but we got to experience a beautiful sunrise.

The sun is starting to show its face!

Getting brighter!

.....and there it is!!!!  Another beautiful day!

Ken takes his driving very serious and does a great job

We drove 215 mile on Interstate 10 and 75.  We were amazed at how little traffic we encountered considering it is still part of Thanksgiving weekend.  We really expected it to be extremely busy.

We arrived at Lazydays by 10:30 and we were set-up very quickly because all of their sites are paved and level.  It really is a very nice CG.  I went to do laundry while Ken loaded the bikes and rack on the back of Waldo and then washed the windshield and front of Waldo.  The bugs had taken their toll!!!!  After lunch Ken took a much deserved nap while I actually got to make some pendants - WOW! While Ken went to get the car washed, I decided to get out the tubs of light weight clothes in the basement of Waldo and put those items in the drawers in the BR and put all the heavier clothes in the tubs to take home.  When Ken returned we worked together to organize the CRV for going home and rearranging things in the basement of Waldo.  We were very busy but hopefully tomorrow will be less busy - NOT!

Did talk to Noela and they were planning to get to Stephen Foster State Park right near the intersection of I 10 and I 75 around 1:30 today and spend 2 nights before heading to Brunswick, GA.  They will store their 5th wheel there until they return to Florida right around the 1st of January.

Also talked to Deb Eberly, who is in our small group at our Church back home. They bought a home in Venice last fall and have been here for several weeks. They will return to PA on December 12.  It was good to talk to her and "catch up".

After dinner and showers we watched football and did some work on the computer. We are thankful we arrived a day earlier than planned so we don't feel so pressured when getting ready to head back to PA.  We are looking forward to a good night's sleep!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

We are in Florida!!! Hallelujah!

Ken and I were on our way out of the CG at 6:30 this morning after a great night's rest.  I guess we were tired.  We decided to wait and eat breakfast in Waldo at a rest stop somewhere along the way.

It was another great driving day with plenty of sunshine and a temperature of 43 when we left and up to 70 when we arrived at the CG in Florida. The sunrise was beautiful!  

I wish you could see the beautiful reflections in the lake at
the CG.  We were leaving the park when I took this photo!

If the windshield wouldn't be so dirty this would be a much
better picture!

In between those 2 locations, we drove through 4 states - Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and then through most of the Panhandle of Florida.  I don't have a Welcome to Mississippi because of the dirty windshield it wasn't readable!  

These pictures were taken in Alabama -

An amazing welcome center!

Love the pictures on the building.  We stopped here to have
our lunch in Waldo!

Cruise ships leave from this port near Mobile!

This is the skyline of Mobile, Alabama!

More of the same!

The seagulls liked something that was
aboard this fishing boat!

Now for some photos from the Panhandle of Florida -

We are starting to see some colorful leaves!  Hope we
see more as we head north!

I think this was East Bay!  Lots of water!!!!

Near Pensacola , Florida and the Naval Base!  Actually this
was at the Rest Stop along I-10

We covered 425 miles in about 9 1/2 hours arriving at Jellystone CG in Madison, Florida around 5.  (We lost an hour when changing to Eastern Time!) I talked to Noela several times throughout the day and they are staying about 150 miles to the west of us on Interstate 10 in Florida.

This CG is conveniently located right off Interstate 10 and accepts Passport America, so we were thrilled with $30.00 for the night.  The sight is large and level so the CRV can stay connected to Waldo - that saves time in the morning. We had planned to arrive at Lazydays in Tampa on Monday, but with Ken's good driving and traffic being very manageable, we will be at Lazydays by lunchtime tomorrow if all goes well and we leave early.  It is in the 80's in Tampa, so we are excited to get to Lazydays.  Also, we have plenty to do to be ready to leave early Tuesday morning including decided what goes home and loading the CRV, laundry, and defrosting the refrigerator.  Waldo could also use a good cleaning before we leave.  Having a extra day to complete these tasks will be so helpful!

Ken grilled tonight while I made salads.  We called our card club friends who were together to watch Penn State win another football game and add to their fantastic winning season.

Spent the evening downloading photos and working on the blog.  It seems like I do that everyday!  I enjoy doing it, but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming!