Saturday, August 27, 2016

Our Final Day at Hershey Preserve and then Back to Lititz!

Ken and I were up at 7 because we had plans to be on the pickleball court with James and Brenda by 8:30.  We wanted to start earlier today because we were heading home before lunch!  

We cooked breakfast and did some additional preparation for going home.  By the time we left for the courts, we were just about ready for heading home, except for disconnecting.  We had more great games and volleys in the games we played.  It was so much fun.  We really enjoyed our time of playing pickleball with James and Brenda.  So nice to rekindle friendships with camping folks that you met previously in other campgrounds throughout the states.  It is amazing to me how often you cross paths when you are "on the road"! 

Our friends from Florida, James and Brenda!

It is so special to rekindle friendships with fellow campers you
have met during your travels!

Part way through our playing time, Larry and Doris honked and waved as they were driving out of the CG.  We were sorry we didn't get to say good-bye!

After hugs and photos with James and Brenda, we went back to Waldo and left the CG by noon.  Ken followed me home.  We were parked and unloaded in record time!  Bringing things home yesterday was such a help.  Food in the refrigerator and freezer was the only thing that we had to unload from Waldo - Wow!

I had a text message from Doris that they had driven through Lititz, had lunch here and they were "jealous" of the cute little town we called home.  So I text her back and ask where they were and would they like to stop by the apartment to visit on their way back to the CG.  Happily, they took us up on our offer and spent about an hour visiting.  We were so glad we could see them and say our good-byes face to face before they leave the area tomorrow.  We are hoping to visit them when we are in Phoenix in November.

 We greatly appreciated meeting and spending time
 with the 3 Piggs (yes, that is their last name!) 

We are excited to hopefully visit them in about 2 1/2 months
in Phoenix!  We can learn so much from fellow campers!

Ken and I decided to go to The Deck in Ephrata for dinner and enjoy eating their delicious food on their large deck.  It was a very enjoyable time for us.  By about  8:30 all the wash was finished, folded and in it's place.  It has been one very busy and "full" day, but so wonderful!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Fun Days at Hershey Preserve!

Thursday was another beautiful weather day with a mix of sun and clouds and warmer temperatures.  A bit of humidity too!!!

After a cooked breakfast with lots of delicious fresh fruit, I sent an e-mail to our service rep, Samantha, at Lazydays to coordinate a service on Waldo we plan to have done at their "sister place" in Denver, Colorado.  We were on the pickleball courts by 9 and played with James and Brenda from 9:30 to 12 with some time out to chat.  It was a fun time!

After lunch at Waldo I had a nice phone chat with Doloris while they were on their way to Gettysburg Farm to camp for a long weekend.  Ken did some clean-up outside while I gave Waldo a thorough cleaning inside.

We met Dwane and Priscilla (Ken's sister and brother-in-law) at the Hideway in Mt. Gretna at 5.  What a gorgeous evening to eat outside on their large deck.  It was so nice to spend the evening "catching up" on each other's lives and the delicious food was a bonus!  We left there around 7:15 and they came back to the CG so we played 2 games of team Skip-Bo.  They had never seen Waldo and since I had cleaned today, it was a great day to have them take the "small" tour. We had a delightful evening and the men and women each won a game. They left at 10 and we were so glad they were willing to come to the CG after dinner.

Friday was a very hot, humid day with the temperature reaching 90!  We got up to a 5:30 alarm and were at Jamie's house by 6:45 so we could stay with Bria and Cali while Jamie and Dane went to pick up Lulu and take her back to their local veterinarian in Hinkletown.  They had decided not to do a feeding tube and since Lula appeared to be somewhat "stable" they could reduce her cost of care per day considerably by moving her.  They left at 7 and within 5 minutes both girls were up and wanted to watch a movie with us.  What a nice time.  Jamie and Dane returned by 8:45 and were visibly upset.  They tried to get her to eat (the Dr.'s suggestion), but Lulu had no interest. 

We were back at the CG by 9:45 and by 10 were on the pickleball court to play more games with James and Brenda.  By then it was so hot, but we still had a great time.

After lunch and showers, Ken and I loaded the CRV with things, food, and clothing we would not need until we got home.  We were at our apartment by 2:15 and unloaded the car and put everything in its place.  Then we went to Harbor Freight to buy an air compressor large enough to use on Waldo's tires and then to Costco to get Ken's second pair of glasses (sunglasses).  He needed to have a back-up pair.  

We were back to the CG by 4:45 and Ken built a campfire while I made salads. After dinner, Larry and Doris, who were camping in the site below us came up and sat at the picnic table with us for about 1 1/2 hours.  Doris and I chatted while Larry went over the itinerary for our west trip with Ken and added places we might want to see and roads we should or shouldn't drive with Waldo.  They live in Phoenix, so he was extremely helpful.  It was a nice evening!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Beautiful Day!

After another good night's sleep (hallelujah) we were up and about by 7:30.  We got ready to play pickleball, ate breakfast, and were on the courts by 9:00. Unfortunately no one else showed up to play.  Denise and Holly and her boys had left the CG yesterday so that really limited the number of players in the CG. Ken and I played some points and practiced hitting and serving, but after 1/2 hour we decided to stop and take a long walk around the CG.  It was a gorgeous morning with early temperatures around 61, but it warmed up quickly.

On the way back to Waldo we saw James and he said they would have played pickleball this morning but they thought we were leaving to go see my parents. They didn't realize we weren't leaving until after lunch.  So, the 4 of us will meet on the courts at 9 tomorrow morning!

After eating lunch outside, we headed to Masonic Homes and played Pinochle with my parents from 1 to 4:30.  Not a good day for the women - we lost all 4 games.  Some were close, but still we weren't able to beat the men!  But Mom did treat us to delicious whoopie pies from Eli's Amish Market - so good!  (You know what we are talking about, Chuck and Melissa!)

We were back to Waldo by 5, had salads for dinner and watched the news.  This was the 1st night we could actually get decent TV reception at the CG.  At 7 we left for The Jigger Shoppe in Mt. Gretna for a delicious ice cream treat.  We invited our new neighbors, Larry and Doris from Arizona to go with us and they were happy to go along.  Ken and I shared their Chocolate Marshmallow Sundae!  (Remember that special treat, Chuck and Melissa?)  After chatting for awhile at the Jigger Shoppe we took a short walk around some of the cottages in Mt. Gretna. It was a gorgeous evening for a walk and they thought it was a fascinating place.

We were back to the CG around 10 and called it a day.  

We did talk to Jamie 2X's today to get an update on their puppy, Lulu.  Dane and Jamie actually had a face to face meeting with one of the vets at the Emergency Animal Center where Lula is really not improving.  She hasn't eaten for 1 week.  They are now suggesting that she may require a feeding tube. Unfortunately Jamie and Dane are so confused about what they should do. They have decided to wait for the feeding tube and the hospital staff will give her some new drugs to coat her stomach and increase her appetite.  If that doesn't work, Jamie and Dane will have to make a decision about the feeding tube.  It is such a tough time for their family.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Gorgeous Day for Pickleball and Bike Riding!

After one of his best night's sleep in a long time, Ken only got up around 7:45. I was actually up before him.  Imagine that!

We were on the pickleball courts by 9 and it was a perfect morning for playing. Plenty of sunshine, but low humidity and it had dropped to 52 degrees this morning.  It was about 62 when we got on the courts!

There were 10 players today so we had to take turns, but we played until 11:30. Throughout those 2 1/2 hours there were some great games and points.  It was a lot of fun.

We sat outside of Waldo relaxing and cooling down before having lunch at the picnic table.  We did some reading and then got ready to drive to Cornwall to the Lebanon Valley Bike Trailhead.  James and Brenda, fellow pickleball players followed us.  The 4 of us got on our bikes and headed towards E-town.  What a nice trail.  Brenda turned around after riding 4 1/2 miles right before the beginning of the Conewago Bike Trail.  That trail ended after 5 more miles, so the 3 of us turned around and headed back to our cars.  It was a perfect day for our 18 mile bike trip.

A beautiful trail that is shaded
a lot of the ride!

James and Brenda's Day 6 bike look so comfortable!

At the end of the 9 mile trail.  What do you mean we have
to turn around and ride back?????

We were back to the CG by 5 and Ken and I decided to sit outside to cool down and relax.  New neighbors had just finished setting up on the site right below us in their Itasca Motorhome.  We chatted with Larry for quite awhile and then his wife, Doris joined in.  By 6 Ken and I headed inside to start prepping dinner. 

After dinner and clean-up, Ken built a campfire and we enjoyed the evening sitting around the fire.  Larry and Doris joined us from 8 to 8:45 when we all decided to head indoors.  They are from Phoenix, AZ and we are looking forward to discussing our west bound itinerary with them to see if they have any recommendations for us when in their area.

Ken and I showered and were in bed by 9:30.  It was a wonderful weather day and a great day of fun exercise.

Just another update on Lulu.  She is still having trouble with diarrhea and vomiting and not eating.  They took her off the critical list and is now considered guarded because her vital signs have improved.  But, the next 2 days are critical as far as whether she will be able to  "pull through".

Monday, August 22, 2016

Got To Play Pickleball!

Ken had another restless night.  He read during the night and was up very early.  Not sure why he is having such "short" nights!

I was up by 7:30 and we worked together to prepare breakfast.  Then we got ready to play pickleball.

We arrived at the courts at 9 and it was a positively beautiful morning.  Lots of sunshine, very low humidity and the temperature was about 70 degrees. Amazing!  Upon arrival, we realized we knew James and Brenda who were there.  We had met them on the pickleball court at TT in Orlando in the fall about 2 years ago.  I recognized them because the always were the same colors in their outfits.  Even their shoes match!  We enjoyed connecting with them again.  Denise was there too, so the 4 of us took turns playing.  We had some very good games.  Ken played well considering that the old glasses he has to wear since losing his in the ocean are about 2 prescriptions behind what he needs.

We only left the courts around noon and made lunch.  Ken did some work on the computer while I downloaded some photos to order from Costco.  He left at 2:30 to pick up his new glasses (yeah!), get a few groceries, and stop by the apartment to get our mail.  While he was gone I ordered photos from Costco and completed the camping scrapbook pages for our granddaughters from our trips in 2015 and ordered them too.  (I was only a little behind!)  So glad to have that projected completed.  Now I just have to do the pages for our 2 camping trips with them this year!

Ken was back by 5 and left again at 6 to go to Celebrate Recovery.  I spent the evening working on the blog and finishing the ordering of photos from Costco. That was an all afternoon and part of the evening project!

Ken was back by 9:15 and by then I was playing games on the computer.

An update on Lulu, Jamie's family puppy.  Late last evening they finally got a diagnosis - she has parvovirus.  It is a very serious puppy virus that is extremely contagious among dogs.  They put her in isolation and started treating her very aggressively.  There is an 80% chance she will not be able to fight the sickness.  Needless to say, the family is very upset.  This morning she had not improved but they had made her more comfortable.  The vet said it will be a few days before they know if she will make it.  She is still getting sick despite all the strong medication she is receiving.  Obviously this is becoming a very expensive process for Jamie and Dane.  Please be in prayer for the family that they can be at peace with the outcome of this situation or have guidance in making the right decisions.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Relaxing Day for Us!

Poor Ken!  He was so tired last evening, but he certainly had a restless night!  He read in bed during the night and then got awake at 5 and went to the LR of Waldo.  No more sleep for him!  It was a rather short night!

I only got out of bed around 7:30 and he was outside reading.  Ken had a cup of tea while I enjoyed chai and we were able to sit outside chatting and reflecting on the days with our granddaughters.  It was a special time!  Hard to imagine that we had no schedule today!  We had gone to church last night so we didn't have to rise early and could just relax!  It worked for me!

After about an hour, Ken prepped fruit while I made us omelettes and we ate outside.  They were predicting some thunderstorms late morning, so we took a walk around the campground and returned to Waldo just when the showers began.  We did our breakfast dishes and I started downloading photos and working on our blog.

By then, it really started to rain heavily.  Fortunately we did not experience any thunder, lightning, strong winds, or hail.  It rained off and on till about 4:30. Hopefully by tomorrow morning it will be a bit cooler with lower humidity!  

We received a message from Jamie regarding their puppy, Lulu.  She was not doing well.  The vet gave her some very strong medicine to try to control her vomiting so Jamie and Dane could take her to an Emergency Center where they could do an ultrasound.  Poor Lula vomited 2X's on the way even on the strong medication.  After the ultrasound, they still could not determine what is wrong. They did another ultrasound this evening, and they are waiting for the results. The vet reiterated how strange her case is and they truly aren't sure what is going on.  Waiting to hear more!

I spent most of the afternoon going through the albums on our computer trying to decide what pictures to order for our photo frames in Waldo and at home.  It's quite a job.

After dinner, Ken and I drove to the Tabernacle in Mt. Gretna to hear a concert by the talented Susquehanna Chorale.  They were amazing!  One of our classmates from High School, Lamar Dourte, sings in the 32 member choir.  We had a nice visit with him after the concert!  We arrived back at the CG at 9:15.  

We were in bed by 10!  It certainly was a slow down day!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fun at the CG and Then Family Picnic at Masonic Homes!

Samantha was awake at 6 and was very quiet and played an app. on my new tablet until 7.  Then Katelyn woke up and the 2 of them came to our room.  We were actually awake when they appeared!  They enjoyed playing the new games we had put on our tablets!

Samantha and Katelyn did so well playing together!

Ken and I got ready and then made the "expected" breakfast - pancakes and fresh fruit!  Katelyn, with some prodding, decided to try fresh peaches and discovered she loved them.  Samantha took a small bite but she wasn't "sold" on them!  We ate breakfast outside and then while Ken and I cleaned up, the girls enjoyed playing outdoors.  When it was snack time guess what Katelyn wanted?  Peaches!  Wow!!!

Ken and I played 5 games of Racko with Samantha and Katelyn at the picnic table, each of us helping them play each other.  They did very well and we had a good time.  

By 11 we were finished playing and it was time to change and pack the car for going to the Althouse family picnic at Masonic Homes.  We had it at that location so Dad and Mom were able to be a part of it.  We left the CG at 11:30 and stopped to get drinks for Ken, Dad, Mom, and me.  By 12:15 we were at Masonic Village. Our whole family attended and we had such a good time. Cindy and I had decided to make it simple and bought pizza from Papa Johns and had the rest of the families bring a snack and a "finger food" dessert.  It worked out well and we had plenty of food! 

Ken, Samantha, Katelyn and I arrived first. They would go home
with Lanie and Bob after the picnic! 

Here come Dad and Mom and the girls and Cooper ran to
greet them.

Everyone was smiling!

Here's the whole Althouse Clan minus the photographer, Ken
and Jamie's family, who hadn't arrived yet!

Jack, who is being held by his Aunt Arlena, is the newest
member of the Althouse family and Cindy/s youngest grandchild!

Hard for me to imagine that my Dad is 92 and Mom is 86 1/2.

We heard bagpipe music in the distance and Mom really wanted
to see who was playing and where!

All of us enjoyed the bagpipe music including the little ones!

Bob and Dane had a lengthy conversation with Dad!

Jamie's family arrived about an hour late because they had to take Lulu, their puppy, to the vet again.  They had her there on Thursday after many hours of what they thought was an intestinal "bug".  After being on medicine and getting several shots, she was not any better on Saturday morning.  She is one very sick puppy and had to stay at the vet.  After some x-rays, they are concerned that she could have a bowel blockage, but they will know more on Sunday morning.

We played lots of games at the picnic including can jam, ladder golf, and corn hole.  It was a very hot day, but we had the picnic in the grove area where there was plenty of shade and a slight breeze.  All the little ones had fun running around the large area and enjoying being with their cousins.  Dad said he had been excited about this day and was so glad it was such a success.  Both dad and mom enjoy being with their family and since dad is not able to go anywhere without having a special equipped van, we brought the picnic to them.  It worked out better than we could have imagined and the weather was so cooperative!

Corn hole was the main competitive game at this picnic!
Dane and Jamie were the champs!

Bria liked holding her youngest cousin, Jack.  She is becoming
such a little lady!

The picnic ended around 5:15 and Ken and I decided to go to LCBC near Mt. Joy for their 6:15 church service.  It was another inspiring message.  We were back to the CG  by 7:45 and feeling rather exhausted.  We sat outside chatting and checking messages and by 9 we were in bed.  

It has been a busy but fun filled last 5 days and these 2 people needed some rest and relaxation.  But, we wouldn't change anything about these times with our families and granddaughters!  It has been amazing and filled with special moments that will create lasting memories!

We are Celebrating Life Daily!