Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday - Field Trip, Helping at Water Street Mission, and Pickleball!

Ken and I were both up before 5:30, with Ken leaving at 5:30 to be a breakfast server at the Water Street Mission.  I left at 7 to pick up Polly and then meet the rest of the "Curvettes" in Akron (8 of us) to go on a field trip that was planned by our group coordinator, Marcia, to Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preserve about an hour drive.

What a special group of friends!

We stopped at the Neptune Diner in Lancaster for breakfast before heading to the Preserve.  There is a mile hike through the woods that is designated as a wildflower trail and there are so many beautiful varieties of them throughout the walk.  Obviously the flowers that are blooming changes with the seasons, temperatures, and rainfall, so Marcia and Kathy try to go there every week in the spring to see what is blooming.  We saw lots of Virginia Bluebells (probably my favorite), Susquehanna Trillium, phlox, Dutchman's breeches, and violets. There were a few other varieties too, but I don't remember their names!   It is wonderful that this area is preserved!

Beautiful purple wild violets!

Dutchman Breeches!

There are numerous types of trillium, but the
one with red in the center is called the
Susquehanna Trillium!  (I only know the names
of these wildflowers because of Marcia!)

This really doesn't capture the beauty of
all the Virginia Bluebells on the hillside!
They are a gorgeous shade of blue, but the
buds are purple!

After completing the 2 mile round trip hike, we drove to a nearby restaurant and enjoyed lunch together.  Then off to a dairy not far down the road for some homemade ice cream.  Eating has to be a part of a field trip when us ladies get together.

We were back to Akron by 2:45 and I drove back home.  Ken had spent about 3 hours volunteering at the Mission, then took a walk, and worked at his desk.  He also had an appointment with Dane, our financial advisor.  At 4 we met John and Cindy at Rothsville to play pickleball.  It was a bit windy and more difficult to play outdoors with the "elements" but we did well.  Neither Cindy nor I seemed to have an over abundance of energy, but we had a good time.  

By 6:15 we were back to our house and Ken grilled chicken so we could all enjoy a dinner of salads.  We played a game of Skip-Bo which the men won (did I ever say how much I dislike that game probably because the women never seem to win) and then 5 Crowns, which the men also won.  Not a good night of game playing for the ladies.

John and Cindy left around 9:45 and Ken and I cleaned up and headed to bed.  It was a busy, but fun day!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Saturday and Sunday - Milder Weather, but Still Unseasonable!!

Ken was up early to do his devotions and reading, but I only got out of bed around 7:15.  I am trying to be faithful doing my stretches each morning before getting up.  Not sure if it helps, but it certainly can't hurt!

I spent most of the morning doing wash and getting ready for the day.  Ken did some work at his desk and then rested - he had gotten up way too early!  By 1:30 we were on our way to Alden Place, a 55+ community right off of Route 72 near Mt. Gretna.  2 of the couples from our small group at church moved there in the last year and are really enjoying it, so we decided to "check it out"!  The developer was having a Spring Fling and you can tour 20 homes and after going through at least 10 of them, you were treated to a delicious free dinner in the community's clubhouse.  

The community offers single homes and villas which are semi's or 3 villas that are connected.   You don't own the land on some of properties, but pay a monthly rental fee that includes snow removal, mowing and trash collection.  We really enjoyed seeing the different models and options available, but until we decide to limit our RVing adventures, where we are living now appears to be the best option for us.  It is very reasonable and we love living in Lititz within walking distance of downtown.  Also, it is so quiet in our building and the size of our apartment is about perfect for us.  The only problem we really foresee in the future is being on the second floor, but for now it is fine!

While at Alden Place we were able to visit our friends, Alten and Jane, who are in our small group.  Alten had a stroke last September and continues to be on the mend.  Jane is such a wonderful caregiver and it was so great to spend time with them.  Then it was off to the clubhouse where we sat with Lori and Eddie, other members of our Life Group, who live in the community.  The meal was delicious, but Ken and I definitely ate too much.  We were "stuffed"!  The music group,  Flashin' Caucasens was the entertainment and they were exceptional musicians and singers, playing mostly music from the 50's and 60's.    It was a very enjoyable afternoon and evening!

We were back home around 9:30 and it was off to bed!

Today, Sunday, it was 39 around 7:15, but supposed to get to the upper 60's.  We were on our way to church by 8:30 and sat with Jamie and Dane.  Another wonderful service with lots of food for thought!

After visiting with the "kids", Ken and I went out to breakfast and then make a stop at Costco.  We were back home around 1:00 and I did some reading and crocheting.  We left again at 2:30 (seems like we are never home for very long) and went to see Bria and Cali play field hockey.  They played from 3 to 4, so we weren't gone for very long.  

I talked to my sister on the way and the 4 of us are going to play pickleball outdoors late tomorrow afternoon and then I invited them for dinner - salads with grilled chicken.  We will be happy to see them again and spend time together.  They just got home on Friday after spending about 10 days at Camp LeJuene, NC.  

Ken and I worked together to make salads for tonight's dinner and for tomorrow.  By now it was in the mid 60's, so Ken decided to go for a walk.  My hip has been sore and stiff, and with my plans for tomorrow, I decided a walk  was probably not a good idea for me.

When Ken returned we ate dinner while watching the news.  I spent the entire evening crocheting while Ken did some reading and looking at his messages on his I-Pad.

We were in bed around 9:30 after a delightful weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Thursday and Friday - Cold In the Morning with a Bit of an Afternoon Warm-up!

Ken left at 7:30 to have breakfast with Gary.  I enjoyed a relaxing morning doing my stretches, devotions, and reading the paper.  After getting ready, I decided to do some rock painting.  (I just can't decided which craft I am enjoying the most right now - all of them are fun!)  Ken had stopped at a local produce stand and was home around 10:30.

Ken rested (he was up early) and I continued crafting which included making some greeting cards.  At 3:30 we headed to the Water Street Mission to help serve dinner.  We got to have dinner before the "guests" arrived and it was delicious.  They certainly have some great chefs and helpers preparing their food.  All went well and after helping to clean-up we left there at 6:15.

We stopped at Michael's and AC Moore to buy some large frames to display photos Ken has taken on many of our memorable adventures.  Michael's is going to be moving to a new location about 1/2 mile from their present one and have 50% off on many of their items, including all the frames.  I also had a 20% off coupon for your entire purchase, including sales items, so we got 3 large frames and a shadow box for a very reasonable price!

Back home by 7:30 after stopping for an ice cream cone - Hey, we had eaten dinner at 4!  I did some crocheting while watching Grey's Anatomy.  Both of us were in bed by 10:15.

Today, Friday, there was an actual frost warning for our area - what is that about?  It is only supposed to be in the 50's, unseasonably cool for this time of year!  I am about tired of this!!!!!

I left at 6:20 to meet my Curvette friends for breakfast and what a fun time we had.  We celebrated Marcia's belated birthday and she gave each of us an inlaid wood ornament in a shape that had a meaning for each of us.  Mine was a lighthouse so I could always find my way home when traveling - how thoughtful and it was HER birthday.  Ken met one of the young men he is helping to encourage and mentor for breakfast.

I stopped at Jamie's to give Cali a "worry" rock I painted for her.  Cali had slept with one of the rocks under her pillow that I had given her on Saturday as part of an Easter gift.  She asked Jamie if I could paint her a worry stone that she could keep under her pillow to help her during the night when her worries appear!  I painted her a cute angel with Do Not Worry written on it and she was thrilled.  Hopefully it will help her and Jamie!

I was home by 9 and Ken by 9:45.  Ken and I talked about our morning and then I worked on this blog.  After a light lunch, we were on our way to Masonic Village to play Pinochle with my parents.  We were there from 1 to 4:30 and had a great time.  It was the men's day for winning.  I think they won 3 of 4!  What is that about?

We stopped at home long enough to get a cheese plate together and then were on our way to spend the evening with Fred and Doloris.  She had invited us for dinner - chili, cornbread, and salad, and everything was delicious.  I had taken cheese and crackers and cupcakes for dessert.  We had such a fun evening with lots of laughter.  The men did try, but they just couldn't win any of the games.  Doloris and I won Hand and Foot by a HUGE margin and then we beat them in Haus by an even bigger margin.  Ken thought we should cut the deck to decide the winner for the evening - REALLY?  We always have a great time with the Martins!

We were home by 11 and it was off to bed.  These last 2 days have been busy ones, but oh so good!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tuesday - What Can I Say? Another Cold, Windy Day! Wednesday Was Sunny, But Cold!

For some reason Ken and I were both awake early this morning.  Ken did some reading while I stretched and then started making oat bran muffins.  Ken came to help with the stirring and then washing the dishes.  We worked together to make omelettes for breakfast plus had a bowl of delicious fresh fruit.

After getting ready, Ken worked at his desk while I did my devotions.  At 10:15 I left to play pickleball at the Hempfield Sports Complex and had a fun time.  Not many people were there today, so I got to play lots of games.  I left by 1:00 and felt rather tired.

Ken had lunch with Kevin and then he stopped by Wilbur to get a few more things (rugs that needed washed) out of there, returning home at 2:15.  He did some more work on the computer and I decided to spend time making stamped greeting cards.

We had salads for dinner and then Ken left at 6:15 to go to Celebrate Recovery.  I spent the evening watching The Voice and crocheting.  I finished one afghan and started another, only going to bed at 11:30.

Today, Wednesday, we had a change of plans, so Ken went to MCC for his volunteer work.  I did my morning routine and "ripped out" the beginning of the new afghan (something wasn't quite right!) and then completed about 6 or 7 rows.  Then it was time to work on the blog and do some rock painting!  Ken was back home around 12:30 and we had lunch.  Then I continued crafting until the 2 of us went for a walk to downtown.  

Ken grilled and we had salads for dinner.  I did a lot of crocheting and watched The Voice while Ken did some reading at his desk.  I must say that I am not as excited about The Voice as I have been in the past.  I find the talent not as exciting as previous years.  

Only got to bed around 11:30 because I just didn't want to stop crocheting!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday - Another Cold, Windy, Rainy, Miserable Day!

Ken had another rough night of sleep, getting awake at 4 and up by 5.  I slept well and only appeared around 7:15.  After a light breakfast, we got ready for the day and then spent time coordinating our schedules.  We put appointments, etc. on our phones and sync them, but I also like to have a paper calendar that I can look out when necessary!  

I got a call from my Dr.'s office with the report from my stress test and all is well!  The nurse said my heart was terrific and they found absolutely nothing that was abnormal but extremely healthy - YEAH!  Made my day!!!  Maybe the next time I need a test I won't get so stressed about it!  I doubt it!!!

By 10:15 we headed to the Church of the Brethren here in Lititz to drive for Meals on Wheels.  We did the Rothsville route which we had never done before and met some very nice people.  When we were finished delivering the meals, Ken dropped me off at the house and I drove to Ephrata for the 11:30 women's card club.  I hadn't been there since November, so it was nice to see all the ladies again.   We had a good time playing double deck Pinochle and eating the delicious snacks.

I was back home by 3:45 and Ken had spent most of the time at his desk and on the computer.  He also took an hour walk between the raindrops.  I decided to write some notes to several friends and then put addresses and phone numbers in an address book I purchased quite a long time ago so the info would be handy when we travel.  While I worked on this blog, Ken went through the photos on his camera, deleting lots of them, and then grilled chicken for dinner. 

After dinner, we played 2 rounds of Hand and Foot and Ken is losing by quite a large margin.  I better "let up" or he soon won't play!  I talked to Noela and they are having very cold, ugly weather!  This week will be a rainy, dreary one for them, sort of like we are having here in PA!

I also talked to Melissa to see how Chuck is doing since his shoulder surgery last Thursday.  It will be a slow process, but all is going well and as expected!  Ken did some reading and I finished these blogs while watching The Voice.

Went to bed at 10.  Tomorrow is going to be another cold day.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday - What a Weather Change!

Hard to imagine that it was around 70 degrees when we went to bed, but by this morning the temperature had dropped to 42 with the high for the day expected to be about 43.  The weather forecast was very accurate and on top of that, it was windy with some light rain!  Wow!

Ken and I left for church at 8:30 and sat with Jamie and Dane.  Again, there was an inspirational message and great music.  After chatting with the girls, Ken and I decided to go home and make breakfast.  So, it was another omelette morning.  Ken had a really poor night of sleep and took a nap while I did a little crafting.  

At 12:45 we headed to Masonic Village to celebrate Dad's 94th birthday by playing Pinochle and having some cupcakes.  I can't believe how healthy he is and how good he looks.  He is amazing!  It was a great card playing day for the women winning 3 of the 4 games.  We left the men win the last one, because after all, it was Dad's birthday.

Ken and I were home by 5:30 and it was so cold and windy.  I made us salads for dinner and for tomorrow night and after dinner, we watched some TV and I crocheted.  Ken did a lot of reading.

We were in bed by 9:30.  I feel so blessed that both of my parents are still living and doing so well both physically and mentally.  Life is Good!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday - What a Gorgeous Day!

Ken did some early morning reading while I did my stretches and some additional set-up for card club at our house this evening.  We made omelettes for breakfast and by 9:45 we were on our way to Jamie's for our "Easter" picnic, because our family still hadn't gotten together to celebrate Easter!

It was a beautiful, warm (almost hot) day with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the low 80's, perfect for a picnic.  Lanie usually hosts Easter, but because of all their family flu, Katelyn having to go to the Emergency Room on Wednesday night and Lanie having many responsibilities at the school on Thursday and Friday, Jamie graciously volunteered to have it at their house.  We ordered pizza and Jamie provided drinks and we all provided some snacks.

These turtles decided to get in on the action, but they
appeared a bit bored by it all!!

Some swinging and dancing on the wall!

Our pride and joy!!

Katelyn's face is healing but it looks rather painful!
 There were several games of Kubb -
Time for a Kubb game and Samantha
takes it rather seriously!

Bob is "all in"!  What form!!!

It was Bob and the girls against the other adults!

The moms enjoyed watching the action!
....and then it was time to eat -

The girls enjoyed having a picnic in the front yard away
from the adults!

We were all there around 10 and spent the entire day outdoors.  We celebrated Bob's birthday which was the end of March and also Katelyn's which is April 21.  

The girls also got their "belated" Easter baskets and had fun breaking the bunny pinata. 

Stand back, it is Katelyn's turn....

next Samantha....

then Bria.....

and finally Cali.

Hey, wait a minute!  What is happening??

Bob decided he should take a turn and look at the candy

I think they are already enjoying the candy!

The two 9 year old cousins!

I had painted rocks from Florida with designs
that I thought the girls would like.  They were
a hit!

I was surprised at some of the ones they chose, but thrilled at how
excited they were to get them!

The granddaughters had a great time kayaking in the creek behind Jamie's house.  They were told not to go in the water (cold and dirty), but of course someone fell overboard and the other 3 had to come to the rescue!  They had so much fun.

A friend of Bria and Cali's that lives across the creek joined them!

We were waiting to see who would be the 1st to "fall" into
the water!

Samantha "needed rescued" or so they thought!

Ken and I left at 4:45 to head home for 15 minutes to put out the "treats" for the evening before meeting our card club at a Mexican Restaurant here in Lititz at 5:30.  Back to our house for a fun evening of 6 handed Haus.  The "party" ended around 10:45 and Ken and I cleaned up and did the dishes.  By 11:30 we were in bed.  It was a very busy, but phenomenal day!